Aquarian Teacher Training Level 1

Sat Nam, dear Island Kundalini Yoga Students,

Once again we are pleased to be offering Level 1 Aquarian Teacher training on Vancouver Island. 26993754_1829415890462217_5682900463352183536_nHave you been called to take this profound journey? I encourage you to reach out and do so. We never know who is ready, and just needs to open up to the process with confidence.

Blessings on your continued journey! Keep meditating!

Sat Nam and Loving Blessings, Siri Amir Kaur
Sooke Yoga studio
Topics Covered
• Posture (asana), sets (kriyas), sound (mantra), breath (pranayam)
• Understanding the mind through study and meditation
• Yogic and Western anatomy
• Extensive use of ancient techniques of mantra and sacred sound
• Humanology and 3HO yogic lifestyle
• Chakra system
• Healing yogic foods and herbs
• Yogi Bhajan lecture & meditation DVD classes
• Yogic history, philosophy and psychology
• Self-transformation to the consciousness, essence and projection (identity) of a Teacher
• How to prepare and teach Kundalini yoga classes
• How to present yourself professionally as a Teacher
To successfully complete the course, students are required to:
• Attend all class hours
• Attend a minimum of 20 Kundalini Yoga classes during the course outside of class time
• Complete an assigned 40 day meditation and all other assigned meditations
• Complete regular homework assignments
• Complete 15 Aquarian Sadhanas (early morning yoga practice), including 10 group sadhanas
• Complete one White Tantric Yoga workshop
• Satisfactory performance in a supervised Yoga Class Practicum
• Passing grade on the written final exam
• Mandatory Entrance and Exit Interview where applicable
• Participation in all required Yoga Practice Sessions
• Acceptable representation of the Kundalini Yoga Code of Professional Standards and
readiness to be a Kundalini Yoga Instructor as determined by KRI and the Teacher
Training Team
• Complete a confidential evaluation of the program and the Trainers
• Recommendation of the Lead Trainer is required for certification
In addition to classes, the curriculum and schedule devote a substantial amount of time and
focus to assigned meditations, reading, written work, and practice teaching sessions.
The Aquarian Teacher • Level 1 Teacher Training •
The Aquarian Teacher • Level 1 Teacher Training •
Sooke BC.
COURSE DATES – to be determined
Saturday, December 1st, 2018
In Vancouver • 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (end time approximate)
The following people can be contacted to talk about the program:
Alanda (Siri Amir) Local Organizer and Hostess: 250-642-3001

• Total cost for the program is $4100. Paid by May 1st Note: This does not include the price of
books nor the price of the White Tantric Yoga course.26993754_1829415890462217_5682900463352183536_n
• A one-year Associate Membership to IKYTA (see:
• Discount of 10% is available to full-time university students and seniors (65 & over)
Please contact Siri Amir for local accommodation at an additional cost.

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